Serving The Casanova Charlotte Russe

We traveled a lovely vintage cake road together in this series on The Casanova Charlotte Russe with a Wild Blackberry Bavarian Cream chilled over a Genoese Sponge cake, frosted with Heirloom Frosting and rimmed with homemade Ladyfingers.

We whipped up a fresh batch of delicate Ladyfinger cookies for a delicate wafer wrap…

We created a light and airy Italian Genoese Cake to hide under the Bavarian Cream…

We sliced the cake into 4 thin layers and frosted it with a unique Wild Blackberry Heirloom Frosting…

We de-seeded a basketful of wild blackberries and some fresh strawberries, pureed them, made a gelatin and whipped cream mousse to create an exciting Wild Blackberry Bavarian Cream

We frosted the cake, wrapped it with a double fence of Ladyfinger cookies, using springform pans to hold the cookies in place, poured the chilled Bavarian Cream over the top and chilled it overnight…

THEN…we cooked up a decadent Creme Anglaise, the vanilla custard sauce that dreams are made of…

Now we’re traveling with the entire cake and fixings, getting ready to present the cake at a special dinner party to honor a dear friend of the family…

Traveling With Cake:

The traveling tray is LOCKED AND LOADED! The cake is wrapped in the Ladyfinger girdle. We’re hauling: extra Ladyfingers, extra frosting, fresh local raspberries and blackberries for topping the cake, gold foil for decorations, a bottle of vanilla sauce, a sharp cutting knife, a large cake-sized spatula (see the yellow handle) and one birthday candle :)

The Charlotte is scooped onto a giant spatula for easy movement and topped with fresh fruit.You can decorate the top with berries, as I did, or leave the lovely Bavarian Cream showing. We used fresh blackberries, instead of wild blackberries, to rim the cake top because these fresh local berries are larger and have softer seeds. We chose raspberries for the bulk of the cake top because they’re a gorgeous pink and are basically seedless — so they have a lovely soft texture that blends well with the Bavarian Cream — but you can use strawberries or whatever is locally in season…

Fresh berries are placed on top of the Bavarian Cream

The cake is placed on the serving dish and is about to be un-molded from the springform pans…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Overview of the Charlotte with both springform molds holding Ladyfingers

The inner top springform mold is removed (and the Bavarian Cream holds tight…whoo hoo!)…

Casanova Charlotte with top mold removed

The bottom mold is removed next and the missing cookie (that was blocked by the springform pan spring) is added back using a little frosting “glue”. Then the cake is refrigerated until serving time.

Removing the bottom girdle

Brother Mark brings the birthday cake to the table (this is a LARGE cake!) and the party breaks into song. We served 14 people at this dinner party with a total serving size for this cake of up to 16 servings…

Gloriana, the birthday girl with her Casanova Charlotte…

The birthday girl, Gloriana, with her cake

Each slice is drizzled with Creme Anglaise and dotted with a few extra berries…

The Casanova Charlotte with Wild Blackberry Bavarian Cream Photo by Christine Murphy

Soon the party is over — and it’s time to get THE BOYS to do the dishes! :)

Thank you so much for joining me on the Casanova Charlotte journey. I have loved reading your comments for this series here and on our Facebook page. Click on the links below to see the individual recipes and specific instructions for each step. Onward to more vintage cakes brought back to life!



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