Cake Adventures – and a King Arthur Flour Giveaway

Happy New Years from BakeThisCakeNew Year’s is a party time, for sure, but then it quickly becomes a time of reflection. Know what I mean? The challenges and adventures of the last year, the hope for a bright new year, resolutions for change in the upcoming year.

We’d like to add “giving” to that list.

As in: Who needs my help? Who needs a pat on the back? Who needs a statement of appreciation from me? Who needs some money from my pocket to help them along? Who needs a push in the right direction, or maybe even a kick in the pants? What skill do I have that I can pass on to help someone? Even the simple act of showing a child how to bake a cake or a loaf of bread can create a precious memory that will last a lifetime (unless they teach someone else, maybe even one of their future children, and so on).

This year, we’re using the ole’ martial arts credo…Be ready for anything!

Ready for anything Leslie in karate class with Julie

Funny. My daughter doesn

I am so very grateful for the tremendous support of the Bake This Cake! blog this year. With so many new friends and followers this year, it has been an amazing (and fun) year.

And what adventures we’ve had….like…

The Culinary Historians of Southern California’s Yosemite Dinner — The annual potluck event where 80 culinary historians gathered in Pasadena to recreate an historic dinner between President Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir in Yosemite. May I add that I baked the Edith Roosevelt Cloves Cake? AND I discovered a major error in a 100-year-old recipe (but more on that in an upcoming blog). šŸ™‚ You can see an album of photos from this event by clicking >here<.

Venison, oysters, carrot pudding and more with the Culinary Historians

The Annual Neighborhood Halloween House, sponsored by our neighborhood property owners’ association, at our house going on 20 years in a row now, with chili dinner and treats for the whole neighborhood and their guests…and a ghostly graveyard for the kids…

Cream puiffs for pumpkin cheesecake puffs by BakeThisCake

Halloween Pumpkin Cheesecake Cream Puffs

The Techmunch L.A. event, where food writers from all over the U.S. gathered to learn better techniques for food blogging.. You can see a photo album of this event by clicking >here<.

TECHmunch LA class in progress

Food writers class in session in Santa Monica…

The Slow Food USA $5 Meal Challenge where we whooped-it-up for an entire meal for a family of 5 for $5 — whoo hoo!….

Whole Wheat Pasta for $5 Slow Food Challenge by BakeThisCake

Slow Food USA Challenge $5 Whole Wheat Pasta Dish or a family of 5

The NutrItaly event in Westwood, where we learned new ways to create healthier Italian food. You can see a photo album of the NutraItaly event by clicking >here< and a video on the event >here<.

Chef Enoteca prepares baked pasta at NutrItaly event in Westwood

Chef prepares Enoteca

The Food Bloggers Los Angeles Holiday Cookie Swap, where I added my Little Prairie Cakes to the gorgeous table of holiday cookie delights. You can see a photo album of this fun event by clicking >here<. And you can get all the recipes for the cookies by visiting our friends >here<.

FBLA Holiday Cookie Swap

FBLA Holiday Cookie Swap and Cookbook Exchange

My 90-year-old mom’s book signing event for her photo-poetry book, While Wandering”, where I launched my vintage Lady Baltimore Cake

Viola Geary Odell speaking at her book signing for While Wandering book iphone photo by Leslie Macchiarella

Instagram photo of Mom speaking at her book signing event

There were office parties…

…with homemade lasagna for a Thanksgiving potluck…

Lasagna for potluck office party

Lasagna for potluck office party

…a special strawberries and cream birthday cake for 50…

Strawberries & Cream Cake for 50 Office Party Gone Wild

Strawberries & Cream Cake for 50 Office Party Gone Wild

…the Go Green Day to promote public transit…

Go Green Day Chocolate Snacking Cake for 65 by BakeThisCake

Chocolate Snacking Cake — for 65 people!

…a deli table retirement party…

Country Potato Salad by BakeThisCakecom

35 pounds of homemade Country Potato Salad

And there were some nice big sit-down dinners with friends and family….

…Thanksgiving buffet at the river house with our River HouseĀ Whipped Cream Cake

Thanksgiving buffet with Whipped Cream Cake by BakeThisCakedotcom

Thanksgiving buffet at the river house

…Christmas night dinner in the city…

Christmas Dinner at Beachwood 2011 Photo by Leslie Macchiarella

Christmas Dinner at Beachwood

And the shared recipes on our blog during the year …

BakeThisCake recipes presented in the cake blog in 2011

Some of our recipes presented in 2011

Now it’s time to say thank you to our readers! And, a BIG thanks our sponsor of this giveaway, King Arthur Flour (we’ve received a free boxful of lovely gift-giving products to give away to one lucky winner).

1.) King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Pan Ring – 1 Set of 12…

King Arthur Bake and Give Ring Pan - Set of 12

King Arthur Bake and Give Ring Pan – Set of 12

2.) King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Round Pans – 1 Set of 6…

King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Round Pans - Set of 6

King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Round Pans – Set of 6

3.) King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Wooden Bakers – 1 Set of 6…

King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Wooden Bakers - Set of 6

King Arthur Flour Bake and Give Wooden Bakers – Set of 6

4.) King Arthur Flour Tulip Papers – Red – 1 Set of 24…

King Arthur Flour Tulip Papers - Red  Set of 24

King Arthur Flour Tulip Papers – Red Set of 24

5.) Ā King Arthur Unbleached Cake Flour…

King Arthur unbleached cake flour

Here are the contest rules….

+ 1 King Arthur Flour Unbleached Cake Flour

Do one or more of the following once or once a day. Each task gives you an additional entry. With the exception of making a general comment, you must let me know in the comments section of this blogpost what action you took. For example, if you tweet about the giveaway,like, “Check-out the cool giveaway by @BakeThisCakeCom at; then come here and post a comment like: “I tweeted the giveaway!”.

How can people enter

This is a giveaway contest with an approximate value of $50 and no purchase is necessary in order to win, however, you must follow the rules of the Contest. Read the full Contest Rules >here< and the full disclosure policy >here<.


UPDATE! WE HAVE A WINNER! Hip hip! (Don’t worry, we’ll have more!).Ā 

With her permission, a little about our winner:Ā 

Inger Frauenheim of Seattle…who is a busy at-home Mom of 2 young boys. She likes: baking, cooking for her family and friends, baking with her boys and eating homemade goodness. She cherishes the memories baking times create, knowing they will provide stories to tell for generations to come. She is always looking for new recipes, especially time tested ones, that will fill their days in the kitchen with time spent together baking and sharing in celebration.

Congats, Inger!

And thank you all for participating! More giveaways to come. šŸ™‚

Good luck and Happy New Year!


Leslie Macchiarella Bake This Cake BakeThisCake at Beachwood by Christine Murphy