Top 10 Very Vintage Cakes for the Holidays

10 top vintage Cakes bake this cake

You asked for a line-up and we’ve got one for you with 10 vintage cakes that roll from quick-and-easy to wow-factor-fancy.

Christmas Packages under the Tree bakethiscake

So put your Santa hat on and crank up the Sinatra tunes ’cause we’re whipping up some memory moments for your friends and family with our fan favorites.

1. Magical Chocolate Crazy Cake — into the oven in 5 minutes!

Chocolate Crazy Cake thick slice fudge frosting BakethisCake

2. Betty’s Fresh Banana Layer Cake — so bright with fresh banana frosting!

Banana Layer Cake on black plate with cake in BG BakeThisCake

3. Decadent Devil’s Food Cake — dark and moist and luxe!

Devils Food Cake Slice by the copper lamp Bake This Cake

4. Old Fashioned Sour Cream Pound Cake — served in thick slices!

Vintage Sour Cream Pound  cAKE Bake This Cake

5. Applejack Cake — sour cream spice cake filled with apple pie filling!

Apple Sauce Rimmed Sour Cream Spice Cake Bake This Cake

6. Lizzie’s Vintage Cherry Cake — made with homemade maraschino cherries!

homemade vintage Maraschino Cherry Cake Slice by the river Bake This Cake

7. Mrs. Lincolns Vanilla Almond Pound Cake — it actually needs no frosting!

Mary Todd Lincoln's Vanilla Almond Cake by Bake This Cake

9. River House Whipped Cream Cake — filled with cranberry frosting!

Whipped Cream Cake on milk glass plate by Bake This Cake

8. Dark Chocolate Ale Cake — made with a secret beer potion!

vintage villain Chocolate Ale Cake recipe BakeThisCake

10. Boston Cake — a delightful butter sherry cake with custard frosting!

Boston Cake with fruit and frosting overhead BakeThisCake

And there you have it my fine friends. If you bake vintage this season, I hope you’ll post a photo of your masterpiece on our Facebook page. And be sure to join us on Instagram and Pinterest where we are hanging out in the evenings and week-ends.

My best to you and your family for a happy and harmonious holiday season!


Leslie Odell Macchiarella

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