Hibiscus Syrup and Hibiscus Vanilla Custard Recipe

Italian Lovesong Cake Straight overhead shot Photo by Christine Murphy

For the series finale of this double-decker vintage Italian Lovesong Cake, we come to the highly unusual and ever-so-fascinating Hibiscus Vanilla Custard recipe that crowns the Italian Sour Cream Cheesecake that is wrapped in a homemade cookie crumb crust — that sits atop a vintage Boiled Milk Cake frosted with White Chocolate & Cream Cheese Frosting, presented with the recipe and instructions for homemade Hibiscus Sweet Syrup. Continue reading


Creme Anglaise for The Casanova Charlotte

Bavarian Cream showing in slice of Casanova Charlotte Photo by Christine Murphy

Creme Anglaise, a creamy vanilla custard sauce, to drizzle over each slice of The Casanova Charlotte. Continue reading